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                          About Us

                          Shenzhen MTC Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen MTC) was established in April 2005 with a registered capital of RMB 4.5 billion. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange SME board in June 2010, stock code: 002429. Shenzhen MTC's headquarter is located in Longgang District of Shenzhen and has a number of subsidiaries with different products and services across China.

                          Our main business is in the design, development, manufacture and sales of LCD TVs, set-top boxes, LED products, network devices, internet entertainment and other related products and services. Through technological innovation, the company continues to launch new products and improve product structure. In 2015, Shenzhen MTC set foot in consumer business and adopted Internet plus manufacturing strategy. We currently have two brands, FunTV and MTC Lighting. These two brands are supported by Shenzhen MTC's first-class supply chain management and vertical integrated industrial chain. In the meantime, the company enters the semiconductor industry, investing in the production of LED epitaxial wafers and chips. Once the Nanchang LED Industrial Park reaches production, Shenzhen MTC will master the core technologies and operate the whole LED industrial chain.

                          Since its establishment, the company attaches great importance to technology development by implementing independent R&D strategy. Through years of technology accumulation and innovation in various fields, Shenzhen MTC has made breakthroughs and launched LCD TVs with multiple features such as frameless, curved screen, 6th generation DLED etc. In the screen display technology field, the company has introduced 3D, 4K and QLED TVs and obtained HDR certification. FunTV has won the 2016 "China Design Award" and the 2017 "Red Dot Design Award", acknowledging Shenzhen MTC's outstanding industrial design and R&D capabilities. To be forward-looking and to ensure technological advancement in the future, the company has technology reserves such as multi-screen interaction, naked-eye 3D display and so on.

                          Shenzhen MTC's long term vision is "To become the Chinese enterprise that is respected by customers around the world" and we have been striving to achieve this goal. Through years of effort, the company has become one of the best cooperative partners of the world's customer electronics brands. We have obtained many recognitions, such as, High-Tech Enterprise, Engineering Technology Research Center in Guangdong Province, Enterprise Technology Center in Shenzhen, etc.

                          About Us

                          Histroy and Milestones

                          Histroy and Milestones


                          • 07月

                            Launched FunTV QLED TV integrated with AI technology

                          • 06月

                            Acquired Caihuang Communication Technology to set foot in network devices market

                          • 06月

                            Invested over 6 billion RMB into LED epitaxial wafer, LED chip and LED packaging productions with Nanchang government.

                          • 03月

                            Launched “MTC Lighting” brand


                          • 12月

                            Shenzhen MTC was eligible for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect program

                          • 08月

                            Shenzhen BMTC lighting, a subsidiary of Shenzhen MTC was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations


                          • 12月

                            Launched First-Generation FunTV which was an OTT TV manufactured by Shenzhen MTC and integrated with in-house developed FUN OS.

                          • 09月

                            Acquired Beijing Funshion Online Technologies to implement Internet Plus manufacturing strategy


                          • 07月

                            Became the third largest LCD TV exporter in China


                          • 10月

                            LED lighting production lines were officially put into operation


                          • 04月

                            LED packaging and LED backlighting production lines were officially put into operation


                          • 06月

                            Listed on the SME board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange


                          • 03月

                            Became the world’s largest supplier of Digital Terrestrial Set-top Box


                          • 06月

                            LCD TV production lines were officially put into operation


                          • 06月

                            Home audio and video production lines were officially put into operation

                          • 04月

                            Shenzhen MTC was founded

                          Corporate Social Responsibility

                          Shenzhen MTC is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities to government, shareholders, clients, employees and society. "To become the Chinese enterprise that is respected by customers around the world" this vision has been urging us to take actions to contribute to the society and to develop our company with a long-term vision. We want to grow with the society and make our own contributions to improve human living standard.

                          Tax payment

                          Shenzhen MTC is a large taxpayer in Shenzhen that actively pays its tax liabilities and fulfills its social responsibilities of a corporate citizen.


                          It is one of our prime social responsibilities to provide the society with legitimate and stable employment opportunities. Shenzhen MTC has more than 8000 employees. This helps reducing unemployment and promoting economic growth and social harmony.


                          Shenzhen MTC attaches great importance to the development of education undertakings. For many years, we have helped to make education more equitable by supporting underprivileged college students and providing them with employment opportunities. From 2013 to 2016, we have funded more than 100 students to complete their university education.

                          Care for employees

                          To improve our employees' living and to provide employees with better benefits is the most direct corporate social responsibility. The "Boundless Love" beneficent fund was founded to help our employees and their families in their times of need. We regularly organizes various cultural and sporting activities and training courses to help employees elevating their overall capabilities, cultural knowledges and professional skills.

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