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                          Smart Manufacturing

                          We believe that fine quality is the essence of our continuous business growth and success. Shenzhen MTC has more than 10 years' experience in manufacturing industry, adhering to craftsmanship spirit and striving to accomplish our Mission. Our persistent pursuit of quality has urged us to promote industrial chain integration and invest in production automation in order to be a pioneer of 'Made in China 2025'.

                          Smart Hardware LED Product

                          Through more than 10 years of continuous improvement and innovation, Shenzhen MTC has accumulated valuable experiences and capacities in design, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain management and quality control. In the meantime, we are firmly rooted in quality and production efficiency. Hence, we have invested heavily in production automation and ERP management systems in order to provide our customers with price competitive products.

                          This is an era that everything connects together and internet network enables the connections between smart hardware. In 2017, Shenzhen MTC completed the acquisition of Caihuang Communication Technology and quickly entered into home network devices market, building the digital bridge between smart hardware.

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                          LED lighting is energy efficient, green, eco-friendly and significantly long-life so that the popularization of LED lighting could save energy and reduce emissions effectively. Shenzhen MTC is committed to the development of LED industry by promoting the application of LED lighting and advocating the sustainable development of human society. We regard technology as the driving force of the company. Through continuous development and innovation, the company would provide our customers with more efficient, energy saving and safer sources of lighting.

                          Shenzhen MTC started with LED packaging and expanded through the vertical integration of industrial chain. By operating the whole industrial chain and mastering the core technologies, we are able to design, develop and manufacture LED components and application products with better performance but lower costs. In 2017, the company and the Nanchang government jointly invested over 6 billion RMB into LED epitaxial wafer, LED chip and LED packaging productions so that our LED products would be more competitive.

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                          Internet Entertainment

                          In 2015, Shenzhen MTC completed the acquisition of Beijing Funshion Online Technologies to implement the Internet plus manufacturing, cross-industry strategic transformation, creating a new generation of living room entertainment center.

                          Since its establishment in 2005, Funshion has been adhering to the values of 'Openness, Integration and Innovation' and focusing on user experience. After more than ten years of hard work in the online video field, Funshion has become China's leading internet streaming platform. Shenzhen MTC and Funshion have together completed the development of FUN OS, a television operating system and successfully provided online video streaming services to hundreds of millions of users worldwide from Mobile to PC to TV. Looking forward, Funshion remains committed to delivering richer, smoother and smarter new video entertainment experience.

                          In 2016, Funshion launched "Fun.tv Inside", a short-form video platform that involves content production, distribution, and marketing services and covers content categories such as sports, cars, food and so on. It is Fun.tv Inside's mission to provide users with high quality content and also to provide advertisers with customized original short-form video marketing solutions.

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                          Consumer Business

                          In 2015, Shenzhen MTC started developing consumer business based on the rapid growth of B2B business. Through direct contact with end users, the company will better serve the vast number of families with more cutting-edge technologies, more competitive costs and higher performance products.

                          FunTV MTC Lighting

                          The FunTV brand was jointly launched by Shenzhen MTC, Funshion, SMG, Gome and Haier in December 2015. Each party makes its own contribution in the development of FunTV. Shenzhen MTC ensures high quality hardware; Funshion provides in-depth content operation and software customization; SMG guarantees broadcasting license and rich content; Haier and Gome help building offline distribution channel. FunTV represents the most advanced manufacturing technology and cutting-edge AI technology, aiming to bring better entertainment experience to more families by creating a new generation of living room entertainment center.

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                          Once the Nanchang LED Industrial Park reaches production, Shenzhen MTC will become one of the very few LED lighting companies that has the capability to operate the whole industrial chain, from LED epitaxial wafers and chips to LED lighting application products. Based on fully vertical integrated strategy, MTC Lighting is able to provide consumers with highly customized LED lighting solutions. We persistently seek improvement of ourselves based on continuous technology innovation and provide high-quality lighting products and excellent service, in order to enhance consumers' living.

                          Your pursuit of a better life is the driving force that keeps us moving forward.

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